FR-Tech ApS is your partner and supplier of electronic quality products. As a dedicated partner with our manufacturers, we ensure that our customers get high quality products, short delivery times and the service they would expect from a reliable partner. For this reason you should contact FR-Tech right away. We can offer you the service that is difficult to obtain most places today.

Collaborative Partners

Altmann Gmbh:
Potrntiometres and Sensors for industrical applications  /

Astro-Tool Corp:
MiL-specified crimp tools / insertion-extraction tools. Semi automatic crimp tools.  /

Batten & Allen Ltd.:
Lead-frames, stamped / eroded metalparts. Stamping, Plating, Tooling, Moulding, design.  /

DSMI SA (PreciContact):
IC sockets, PC connectors, Turned pins, Plating- RoHS, Tin.  /

EIBag S.r.l:
Enclosures for Electronics. ABS Boxes, Din rail Boxes.  /

Gebatec GmbH:
Stamped and turned contacts, Micro switches, Contacts. Custom design, Plating.  /

Genge & Thoma AG:
Joy Sticks, super compact for industrial, military, medical use. Linear and Rotary sensors.  /

MicroPrecision SA:
Microswitches, up to IP66. Safety switches. Mechanical 2-in-1 Position Sensors.  /

NSF Controls Ltd:
Rotary / linear solenoids, rotary/toggle switches. Electromechanical components. ISO 14001:2015 certified.  /

Preci-Dip SA:
IC sockets, PC-connectors, spring loaded contacts (Pogo), turned pins. Custom-designed products.  /

Preh KeyTech GmbH:
DIN-connectors – round metal housing, keyboards, point to point terminals. Keyboards, Reading Devices.  /

RatioPlast GmbH:
Pc-connectors, Pin headers, Board to bord connectors, Automotive connectors /assembly, Opto Electronics.  /

Sauro srL:
Screwblock terminals, VOE/ UL connectors. Multi Level terminal blocks (Plurima). Headers. Custm design.  /

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