High precision potentiometers for industrial applications.


Sensors is designed to detect two positions within a single, compact electromechanical component.

Stamped contacts

Pin Connectors, Leadframes, Automotive, Metal springs.




POS keyboards, Sealed Hospital keyboards (washable).

Audio connectors

Circular metal DIN connectors with or without twist lock.

Fiber optics

Connectors, Transmitters, Optical receivers, Assembled FO cables, interfaces, tools.

Turned parts

Spring loaded contacts, connectors, assembled connectors, military contacts.

Hand protection

Cosmetics for industrial application, like “The invisible glove” for harsh dirty work.

Joysticks and actuators

Joysticks, Linear motion sensors, Rotary sensors. (for all fields of advanced technologies).


Board to Board, Sockets, Pin Headers, Screw terminals, Circular DIN connectors, Custom.

Terminal blocks and pcb connectors

Female Connectors, Male Connectors, Multiple Terminal blocks, Termonal blocks, Modular/Extruded Supports, DIN Rail Boxes.

Micro Switches

Open and closed

Electrical boxes

Plastic Enclosures/Boxes, DIN Rail Enclosures (EN50022, EN 50035), DIN Rail for Interface

Crimp tools

A wide range of hand, semiautomatic, automatic tools conforming to MIL-C-22520


To optimise your production, we can serve you with a high quality production facility

Custom design

We can design or optimise your component to fit your product in the most profitable way