Put your hands in our hands!

FR Tech have been dedicated to manufacturing and selling commercial skin protection products. Our Rath skin protection program helps you to maintain healthy skin, when you have dirty work. Healthy and cared-for skin does not only look better, it is also more resistant to daily strain.

Our products and services are based on:

Clearly structured product lines

  • Skin protection, PR88
  • Skin cleansing, PR clean
  • Skin care, PR 2000
  • Wall Dispensers

Safety for the consumer

  • Manufactured in compliance with GMP Guidelines
  • Quality standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Testing of dermatological compatibility and effectiveness

Individual consulting

  • Creation of company-specific skin protection plans

Skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care product – a valuable contribution towards keeping your skin healthy
In large companies or small family-run businesses, vehicle workshops, the metal industry, trade or food processing companies, the demands on the skin are many and diverse. FR-Tech´s rath programe provides are tried and tested products for preventative skin protection against all of these demands, for example, skin protection against soiling, the appropriate skin cleanser as well as regenerating skin care. Our products are highly compatible for the skin, and are available in various packaging sizes as required.
Printing, machine works, harsh inviroment – if you get dirty hands, contact FR-Tech: sales@fr-tech.com


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