Solenoids and electromagnets

A range of Low Profile Linear Solenoids offering a compact and efficient package for short stroke high force applications such as can be found in Valve operation, Door interlocks, Card punching and other similar functions.

Linear solenoid

  • Push and pull designs
  • Up to 270 Newtons Force at 1mm stroke
  • Holding Forces up to 1300 Newtons
  • Under 5 milliseconds response time for 1mm stroke, under no load conditions
  • Conical pole face allows increased stroke with minimal reduction in performance

Tubular Solenoid Key Features

  • DC.
  • Linear
  • Push and pull designs
  • Protected construction
  • Long life, premium quality – tested to 25 million actuations
  • Easily fitted with single hole fixing
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power usage
  • Lead wires 200mm PVC as standard
  • Coils wound using UL listed materials
  • Customised configurations available including plungers, mountings and springs
  • Economic solution for longer stroke, limited space applications
  • Dependable solution for high force, heavy duty applications


Appliances, generators, printing equipment, HVAC, security, beverage dispensing equipment, commercial laundry equipment, medical equipment, small engines, motorcycle aftermarket, valves, gaming equipment, office equipment, vending equipment, and many more.

Subcontract Assembly

Viable, cost effective solutions for your assembly and subassembly production requirements. Integrated facilities for efficient custom design and development of innovative solution. Contact FR-Tech for the right solution for your project:


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