How We Work

The Main Process

Design, development, competences, reliability, sustainability are very  important facts. Fr-Tech are your partner to help you get the right product.


By using product design smartly we help to innovate, enter new markets, get more sustainable, improve the quality perception and enrich user experiences.

We have an engineering teams dedicated to custom design products to meet our customers most stringent requirements. If you have a project, we are the right partner for you as we will take care of your development from conception to delivery. We not only design and manufacture,  but we recommend and follow our customers throughout of the project.


Our manufacturers have in-house mechanical design capabilities, including 3D CAD modeling. This is because we frequently develop custom parts for customer systems, which allow them to operate reliably in tough environmental conditions or to meet stringent physical security requirements.

Therefore let us discuss your thoughts or send us a scech or a drawing and we will evaluate the possibilities for a finished product which will fit into your application for maximum benefit.


Our products are reliable and manufactured with the highest quality. The applications are multiple such as mobile phones, professional mobile phones, docking stations, military devices, control systems, medical equipment, automotive etc. No matter what  you need for your application, we have probably the right solution for you.

Among our customers you will find, Bang & Olufsen (consumer), Trane & Trane (satellite), VTech (Hearing Aid) Jabra (Hearing Aid) SVI (Control) Vestas (Windmill) Danfoss (Control).

Highly skilled engineers, advanced design and development ensure that you as a customer get the quality product that you expect from a serious supplier. Fr-Tech can service and supply any customer all over the world.

References.:  ABB, Brüel & Kjaer, Bang & Olufsen, Vestas, Siemens, Vtech, Lieca, Hasselblad, SVI, Cobham Satcom, Danfoss, Jabra, B&K Medical and many others.